Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our Poor Zucchini Has Been Through Too Much

Here we have our zucchini which was originally planted 10/26/10 and started off beautiful. It got so big that I had to prune off some leaves because it was taking over the entire deep water culture garden. I finally moved it to its own container had things have gone down hill since. We get blossoms that never produce fruit, blossoms that rot before opening and brown leaves that drop off. I have verified that it has the proper pH balance and the nutrients seem to be fine for the rest of the garden so time to post to the garden forums and see what's up.

I'll post the results when I find the answers to our suffering zucchini.


  1. Any luck with the zucchini yet?

  2. Nope, unfortunately, our first zucchini died. We have a second plant which produces blooms but so far no fruit. My guess is because of the poor lighting in my make shift grow room.